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What's up on Photo Voyage


The website photo-voyage.pl with it's sub­domens is a non­commer­cial set de­di­ca­ted to our family pho­to­gra­phic expedi­tions. Why ”photo”? Be­cou­se we are in­te­res­ted in photography :-).


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Indonesia – 2016

Indonesia – the second (after Laos) main country visited during the expedition in 2016. Feel free to browse photos and travel diary from this trip (read more).

Thailand 2016 – on the way from Laos to Indonesia

Thailand, more precisely Bangkok, was a city of transfer on the way from Laos to Indonesia during an expedition in 2016. It was hard to not take the advantage of this opportunity and visit this city (read more).

Laos – 2016

Laos was one of two (outside Indonesia) goals of the expedition of 2016. We invite you to browse the photos and travel diary from this trip (read more).

Malaysia – 2016

In 2016, Malaysia was a transit country for us. We landed in Singapore and we went to Laos. So we drove by car from Singapore to Kuala Lumpur (throught Malaysia) and on the occasion we visit its southern part (read more).

Singapore 2016 – on the way to Laos

In 2016 we flew again to Asia to tour in Laos and Indonesia. But there are not good flights to the capital city of Laos (Vientiane). The flights to Singapore were cheaper, so we arrived there. Then, we went to Kuala Lumpur by car, from where we flew to Vientiane (read more).

The city of lion – 2015 year

There are only 350 kilometers from Kuala Lumpur – the capital city of Malaysia – to Singapore. It would be a sin not to use this occasion and not to visit this state-city (read more).

Cambodia – 2015

Touring Asia in 2015 we also visited Cambodia. As usual we have a trip diary from the travel. We invite you to look and comment this (read more).

Vietnam – 2015

In 2015 we were for two weeks in Vietnam. Around the middle of the stay we go to a few days to Cambodia (read more).

Malaysia – on the route to Vietnam – 2015

In the summer 2015 we went on a 40-day trip to Southeast Asia. Malaysia was the starting point, From there we flew to Vietnam, Cambodia and Singapore (read more).

The Himalayas – the highest mountain on the Earth – 2014

At the turn of July and August 2014 we were in the Little Tibet (Indian Himalayas). It was not easy :-). High, winding roads, accommodation at the height of 4300 m above the sea level and it's hard to catch your breath :-) (read more).

The United Arab Emirates – 2014

When we flew to the Himalayas in 2014, we decided to do a stopover in Dubai and spend one day in this city. We have realized the plan of sightseeing in one hundred percent (read more).

India – 2013

In July and August 2013 we held the longest to date (as much as 36 days) trip to India and Nepal. We wished to visit the northern regions of the India (near the Leh), but the weather changed our plans. Due of the heavy monsoon rains and impassable roads, instead of north – we went to the east – to Kolkata. And from Kolkata – to Nepal (read more).

Morocco – 2013

At the turn of April and May 2013 we were in Morocco for 11 days. The apogee of this trip was the overnight in the desert (the Sahara of course :-)) (read more).

We go to India – 2012

Our holiday trips have become the tradition. In 2012 we went to India for a month. I invite you to watch the video summarizing this trip, as well as browse through the photos from the trip (read more).

Come back to Kenya – 2011

Exactly one year after the first trip to Kenya, I came back there with my family. The expedition consisted of the two parts. In the first we worked in schools in Kisasi and we explored the local folklore. During the second part we went to sightsee the lakes: Victoria and Nakuru and also Masai Mara (read more).

The first time in Kenya – 2010

At the turn of June and July 2010, I had the pleasure to visit (together with Jack and his son Michael) our friend Mark who then lived in Kenya. Mark was living by turns in Nairobi and in Kisasi. During our month-long stay we visited both places, and also spent a few days in the Masai Mara (read more).

Turkey – 2010

Between 02 and 09 of June 2010 we were in Turkey. We landed in Antalya, and we drove to Alanya by bus. There we visited the surrounding countryside, but the most interesting was a two-day trip to Cappadocia (read more).

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